"Christine is a powerhouse. Straight Bat Private Equity has engaged Crowder Accounting on multiple investment transactions to undertake financial due diligence and subsequently to provide financial leadership within our portfolio companies. She has a particular skill - the ability to create financial order when accounts and systems are a mess. We endorse her unreservedly."

Steve Gledden
Managing Partner, Straight Bat Private Equity

"I can only speak very highly of Christine. I have had many financial managers and CFO’s report to me and Christine easily meets the bench mark in regards to financial skill and knowledge. Christine has advanced Excel skills and an excellent understanding of how Australian agriculture and manufacturing operates. She has been part of the team here at Farm Foods covering a number of broad financial functions, including managing our USA entity, budgeting, forecasting, cost modelling, inventory control, accounting, business analytics and even EDI processing. A true all-rounder which is what’s required with an SME."

Gregory J. Hughes
Chief Executive Officer, Farm Foods Australia

"Christine is a pleasure to work alongside. Her passion for accuracy and numbers, coupled with an incredible work ethic make for a very productive addition to the team. She has high attention to detail, and can consistently pump out high quality, accurate work that allows us to make informed decisions confidently. On a personal side, Christine is very bubbly, positive and an engaging team member."

Ash Woodcock
CEO and Managing Director, RPM Hire

"Our experience working with Christine has been excellent. She has been the missing piece in helping us move to the next level with our business organization. Her knowledge and quality of service is exceptional. Christine has helped us learn so much and provides clear explanations to help us have a much better understanding of our financials."

Brenda Kruse
President, Le Chandelle Inc
United States

"Christine has performed a part-time CFO role for our group for over four years. When she joined the group, she quickly and almost effortlessly overhauled the monthly financial reporting processes and policy framework to be fit for an organisation of our size. Her patience and ease in explaining financials to non-financial people gave a level of comfort to the board that had been really lacking. She is extremely up to date and technically proficient; I’d recommend her to anyone."

Philippa Bakes
Manager, Industry and Infrastructure (and former Board Member), Barwon South West WRRG

"Ms. Crowder is one of the most talented, consistent and dedicated performers I have had the pleasure to work with...She joined the Risk Management Group in a supervisory position. Within one year, her superb technical skills, ability to work effectively with a diverse client base, and her consistent "on time, on budget" delivery resulted in rapid promotion to management. The quality and timeliness of her group's performance increased markedly under her leadership."

Patricia A. Gillis
Formerly, Senior VP, Risk Management Group, Wells Fargo
United States

“Christine’s experience, reliability, attention to detail and her understanding of the relevant reporting requirements proved invaluable at a time when we required specific support to be completed within a specific timeframe.  It’s comforting to know that a person with such skills and quality of service is available and can be called upon when needed.”   

Steve Major
Director of Corporate Services, Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority 

“Christine has been providing financial management advice and services to the Group for five years. Her knowledge and application of current Accounting Standards and her ability to convey their requirements to the Board in an understandable way ensures that the Board can comfortably make strategic and responsible financial decisions. Her financial reports (accompanied by clear explanations) are current, comprehensive and relevant to both Board and Audit Committee members. Christine demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in order to provide the Board with specific reports on request, and regularly reviews and updates the report structure to accommodate different aspects of the business.”

Jill Parker
Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group

"Christine handles the ‘books’ for our organisation - Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia. Christine is efficient, insightful, aware and has a sound knowledge of financial systems. Nothing is too much trouble. She has empathy and understanding for our work while ensuring that we comply with required financial requirements. We are very lucky to have her services!"

Rod Bush
President, PHNA

"Christine slotted into the organisation well and quickly learned the processes and software that was required of her. She had direct reports that she managed and they were complimentary of her management style and how she embraced the culture of the organisation. Our client was grateful for her skill set which allowed her to fill the role and meet reporting deadlines etc. If Christine had chosen to stay within New Zealand we would have looked forward to utilising her in similar secondment roles with our clients, which is the biggest compliment we can give. Christine was personable, friendly and efficient and we would not hesitate to recommend her for any career path of her choosing."

Damian J Steward
Director, Staples Rodway
New Zealand

"Christine worked with speed and confidence, is a quick study, required no supervision and comfortable in new environments and has excellent people skills. The Clients were delighted to work with so professional a person...Christine's willingness to work late hours and to complete the work was invaluable to me. I tried to recruit her for a permanent position but to no avail."

David Harrison
CPA, Alexander & Harrison
United States

"Due to the nature of the work, Christine had to work independently, use initiative, meet tight timeframes, come up with constructive solutions to difficult problems, and interact with a wide ranging group of people. She had to communicate very clearly and effectively with people to ensure the accounting system met the needs of company managers. She achieved all of this with 100% success due to her excellent people skills and positive attitude."

Don McLeod
General Manager, Aviagen
New Zealand

"Christine is a true 'accounting whisperer.' Our team and audit committee was reaching a crisis point until Christine was fortuitously recommended to us. Christine has a can do attitude with a professional approach and our complex problem was solved. She was able to fit in quickly and quietly and as a result, Barwon South West WRRG is in much better stead."

Linda Kelly
Chief Executive Officer, Barwon South West WRRG

"Ms. Crowder's eight-month tenure with Mithun more than lived up to our initial impression, it exceeded it!...Her performance was superior on all levels and when offered the position of permanent CFO, she declined to continue her consulting role with other clients. For those clients who need her service...they will be very fortunate. If you are such a firm, we could not recommend anyone more highly."

Bruce Williams
AIA & COO, Mithun
United States

"The exceptional qualities of Ms. Crowder's talents are her abilities to utilize and combine the knowledge attained with her CPA status, her personal sense of practical business management, her interest in benefiting her clients and her wonderfully outgoing personality....Christine's skills in calculating and delving into, and creating hypotheses about financial matters are marvelous...She offers guidance and insights; she raises questions and concerns; she generates excitement about the potential of a business; she looks to the future capabilities of the business and its profitability...Because of Ms. Crowder's contributions, we are a healthier and stronger company."

Lance W. Kostrobala and Howard B. Weiner
Co-Owners, Two Downtown, Inc.
United States

"I want to thank you for your support of Health Systems Technologies over the past three months...You were able to bring order and control to our accounting systems and processes. Through your leadership, we were able to close our monthly books in less time and with less headcount. Most importantly, the management of the company had confidence that the financial statements were accurate. Your positive, team oriented working style enabled you to step into a challenging situation and lead our accounting team."

Lance J. Hood
COO, Health Systems Technologies, Inc.
United States


Former Staff Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working with Christine since 2016. Christine’s leadership and mentorship has really taught me a lot. Christine brings integrity and intelligence to her work and her overall presence has a very positive impact on the organisation. In addition, she is an excellent communicator, extremely reliable, hardworking and is highly respected by colleagues and stakeholders."

Gabby Hargrave
Finance and Project Officer, Barwon South West WRRG

"I had the privilege of working under Christine's leadership as the CFO of a multi-million dollar real estate development company. Her understanding of complex systems and her long experience as an auditor are exemplary, but what really makes her stand apart from other directors or CFO's I have worked with is her personality. Christine is a kind, caring and extremely bright woman with broad ranging experiences making her a great fit for any industry. She has led teams of all sizes, she empowers her staff to grow in their fields and she provides leadership and mentorship to those she manages. I have been in the accounting field for over two decades and consider Christine to be the strongest leader I have had the privilege of working with."

Chris Kelly
Accountant, Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County
United States

“Working with Christine at Downer Utilities gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities, and helped take my career further than I ever thought possible. Her approach to everything is so straight forward, practical and understandable that it made her such an inspiring boss and mentor!”

Melanie Oakes
Accountant, Aviagen
New Zealand